🎨 The best paint station and painting desks for miniatures and Warhammer

Explore our range of wooden portable paint desks and portable hobby desks

Discover at PROSCALE the perfect modeling painting station for you. Our miniature painting tables are the ideal solution to enhance your experience with your favorite hobby. Keeping your workspace tidy while keeping all your paint bottles at your fingertips will no longer be a challenge thanks to our innovative and handmade designs.

Paint Station A

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Paint Station B

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Universal Paint Station

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What modelers say about our portable paint tables


“I’ve been using ProScale Hobbies’ paint stands for my acrylic paint pots for a few months now, and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. The shelves fit like a glove, are easy to assemble, and compatibility with various modelling paint manufacturers is flawless. I love how organised my paint shelf is now and how easy it is to find the colour I need.”

Roberto A.


“I’ve tried different paint stands, but none of them were compatible with my acrylic paint pots, so I searched on Amazon and found ProScale Hobbies’ stands. They were the first ones to pop up, and I’m not surprised. They fit my pots perfectly and have made my painting process much more efficient and fun. The racks are easy to use, and I love how much space they save in my painting area.”

Tom S.

Modeling paint stations compatible with all major brands.

Some miniatures and Warhammer painting tables are designed to be compatible with certain brands of paints or acrylics. These paint stations are designed with certain dimensions to fit the size of these brands’ pots and Warhammer paint sets, thus providing a more practical product to use. It is essential that you measure your paint jars if you are looking for a workstation or wall painting station to fit them. You will find all the information about each of these models on Amazon.

The best miniature painting workstation for Vallejo and Army Painter

Within the variety of Vallejo paints available, we will find different types of cans with different diameters, especially highlighting the 35 ml cans. In ProScale Hobbies we have developed several models of painting stations at competitive prices, with which you can store Vallejo paint cans with diameters of 25 and 36 mm.

The best miniature painting stations for Citadel

Every day there are more and more paintable miniatures, paintable miniature figurines and Warhammer enthusiasts who prefer Citadel paints. To meet their needs, we at ProScale Hobbies offer a number of compatible miniature paint station games workshop compatible. In this case, the paint station citadel have holes of about 33 mm in diameter, so that Citadel paints fit perfectly.

The best universal paint tables, for paints of almost all sizes

Our universal paint tables and paint station miniatures are designed for versatility and adaptability. They are created with varying dimensions to comfortably and securely fit both small and larger pots, regardless of brand.

These paint stations are ideal for modelers who are not limited to one brand of paint or for those who are constantly experimenting with new brands and types of paint. With our universal paint tables, your workspace will always be organized and ready for any painting project.

Benefits of using our Warhammer paint station MDF in your hobby space

Are you tired of having your paints and brushes scattered all over your workspace? Are you looking for an easy and convenient way to have everything in one place and be able to paint wherever you want? Then our painting tables are perfect for you. Here are the benefits of using one of our painting tables:

  1. Paint in the comfort of your home or at modeling meetings: Our painting tables are easily transportable, allowing you to take your painting station wherever you need to go. Whether you’re working on painting a model airplane at home or participating in a Warhammer miniatures painting event, our painting table provides you with an efficient miniature painting workspace.
  2. Keep your work area tidy and avoid chaos: You won’t have to worry about paint splatter or debris in your workspace. Our painting table is designed to minimize clutter, allowing you to concentrate on your art and enjoy the painting process, whether it’s miniatures, models or Warhammer 40k figures.
  3. Everything you need, always at hand: Forget about searching through boxes and shelves looking for that specific color you need. With our paint table, you will have all your paint pots organized and at your fingertips, optimizing your time and avoiding interruptions in your creative process.
  4. Reduce accidents and save paint: Our paint table is designed to keep your paints safe and stable, significantly reducing the possibility of accidental spills. So, not only do you keep your workspace clean, but you save paint, which is essential when working on fine details, such as Warhammer 40k miniatures.
  5. Expand your work area: Our painting tables and paint work station are designed to provide you with additional work space in your miniature painting room. Having a dedicated space for painting can make your workspace neater and easier to navigate, which can increase your efficiency when working on modeling projects.
  6. Protect your valuable paints: Our paint table will protect your paints from dust and dirt, keeping them in good condition and ready to use. This is especially useful when working with high quality model paints or Warhammer paints, which can be expensive to replace.
  7. Makes color selection easy: Having all your paints visible and organized on the paint station 2.0 will make it easier to choose the right color for your project. Whether you’re painting Warhammer 40k miniatures or a detailed model, being able to easily compare and select colors can improve the final result of your work.
  8. Adaptable to your growing paint collection: As your paint collection grows, our paint table adapts to your needs. You’ll be able to add more paint pots as you need them, ensuring you always have the space you need for your modeling work.
  9. Presents a professional work environment: A well-organized paint table can add a professional touch to your workspace. Whether you’re an experienced modeler or new to painting Warhammer miniatures, having a dedicated place to paint can improve your concentration and productivity.
  10. Quick and easy assembly: Our painting tables are easy to assemble, which means you can set up your painting station and start working on your modeling projects quickly. You won’t need special skills or complicated tools, so you can spend less time assembling and more time enjoying your painting miniatures hobby and miniature painting small details.

How to expand your setup with our versatile figure painting desks

Your love of modeling can grow, and so can your collection of paints and brushes. At ProScale Hobbies, we are experts in organization and provide the best solutions for modeling enthusiasts like you. So, here are some great ideas for setting up and expanding your painting space:

Use multiple painting tables

If your painting practice encompasses a wide variety of paint board game miniatures, or if you use different brands of paint depending on the model you’re painting, having multiple paint tables may be ideal for you. For example, you could have one table specifically designed for Vallejo paints and another for Citadel paints. This way, you can maintain impeccable organization and maximize your efficiency by having your most used tools always at hand.

Combine a paint table with a wall-mounted organizer

To make the most of your workspace and keep your favorite paints within reach, consider combining a 3mm mdf painting table with one of our wall-mounted paint organizers. These organizers are ideal for storing the paints you use less, helping you keep your collection tidy and ensuring you always have a steady supply of your favorite paints. Each time you set out to paint, you can move the paints you’ll be using to your painting table, optimizing your workspace and making the painting process easier.

How to assemble the miniature painting table station for model kits

Assembling and using one of our painting tables is very easy, and will help you to keep your paints and brushes in order. Here are a few simple steps so you can do it yourself:

  1. Get ready: The first thing you need to do is gather everything you need. Our painting tables or paint station amazon are made of high-quality MDF and come in a kit with a simple instruction manual so you can assemble them easily. In addition to the kit, you will need some glue to make your painting table strong and sturdy.
  2. Assemble your paint table: Assembling your paint table is as simple as following the instructions in the manual that comes with the kit. You won’t need any special tools to do it. We recommend that you use wood glue to join the pieces together, as MDF absorbs this type of glue well.
  3. Let’s enjoy: Once your painting table is assembled and dry, you can start putting your paints and brushes on it. Group similar colors together and use separators if you need to differentiate between different types of paints.
  4. Care and maintenance: For your painting table to last a long time in perfect condition, we recommend that you clean it regularly to avoid the accumulation of paint residue. You can use a soft, damp cloth to wipe it gently. It is also important to store it in a dry, dust-free place to protect it from damage.

As you can see, assembling and using one of our painting tables is very simple, and will help you keep your paints and brushes neat and handy so you can enjoy your painting miniatures hobby to the fullest. Try it and see how it enhances your painting experience!

Frequently asked questions about PROSCALE painting tables

What is a painting table and what is it used for?

A painting table is an accessory designed to provide an organized workspace for your modeling and painting activities. It is generally made of strong, durable materials and incorporates compartments or recesses designed to safely store paint pots, brushes and other tools.

This piece of furniture is essential for maintaining organization in your workspace, providing easy access to your paints and tools. The compartments are designed to hold each paint can individually, allowing you to have a clear view of all your paints and easy access to the color you need.

In addition to their organizational function, paint tables help prevent accidents such as paint spills, as each can is in a safe and stable place. They also help protect your paints and tools from dust and dirt, which could affect the quality of your modeling projects.

Can paint station Warhammer be used to store other craft supplies?

Of course they can! You can take advantage of the space on the painting tables to store your warhammer paint kit, paint station pods, Warhammer paint colors and other tools you need. Some of our painting tables have specific compartments for cutters and other tools. Other tables also incorporate compartments for larger paint pots, water containers or even larger diameter paint pots.

What is the delivery time of the painting tables once the order is placed?

Once you place an order for one of our paint tables, it will be shipped as soon as possible. We market our painting tables through Amazon, whose efficient logistics system ensures fast and reliable delivery. The delivery time will depend on the shipping option you choose and the delivery address.

Is it possible to order a custom size painting table?

Currently we do not offer the option to order custom size paint tables. However, we do offer a wide variety of models to suit the needs of your workspace and the type of paints and tools you use.

Each of these models has been meticulously designed by and for modelers, so we’re sure you’ll find one that suits your needs. If you don’t find what you are looking for, don’t hesitate to write us and tell us your idea, who knows! Maybe it will become one more product in our catalog.

What are the color options available for painting tables?

At the moment, our painting tables are only available in natural MDF, but we consider it an easy material to work with and customize. Thus, you can paint and decorate the table to your liking to suit your aesthetic preferences or to match the decor of your workspace.

What materials are the painting tables made of?

Our painting tables are made of MDF (medium density fiberboard). MDF is a strong and durable type of engineered wood, and is a great material for paint tables because of its stability to changes in humidity or temperature, making it ideal for paint storage.

What to consider when buying a paint table?

There are several factors to consider when choosing your paint table:

Size of your collection: The number of paints and tools you use regularly will influence your choice of paint table. If you have a large collection, you may need a larger painting table or even several tables.
Type of paints and tools: Make sure the painting table is compatible with the types of paints and tools you use.
Available space: Check the dimensions of the paint table before you buy it and make sure it fits in your workspace.
Budget: At ProScale Hobbies, we strive to offer high quality paint tables at competitive prices. Take advantage and liven up your workspace with our products.

Do I really need a painting table in my day to day life?

If you’re a modeling enthusiast, a painting table could be a valuable addition to your workspace. While not essential, it provides you with a dedicated painting space where you are sure to feel more organized or organized and efficient. In addition to this, there are a few extra benefits which we’ll summarize for you below:

Efficiency: Having all your paints and tools in one place can speed up your work, as you won’t have to search for your materials in different places.
Tidiness: A paint table helps you keep your workspace clean and organized, which can help you concentrate better on your work.
Protection: A paint table can protect your miniatures as it would be a shame to spill some of your favorite colors on them.
Comfort: With a painting table, you have a comfortable workspace where you can spend hours working on your models.

Is the paint station easy to assemble?

Our paint stations are designed to be easy to assemble and require no special DIY skills. Each station comes with detailed instructions and everything you need for assembly although we recommend that you use white glue. White glue or wood glue is not included in the kit but we are sure you will be able to find it in your local shop or store.

What care or maintenance does the painting table need?

Our paint tables are designed to be durable and do not require extensive maintenance. However, it is recommended that dust and paint stains be removed on a regular basis to keep them in good condition.

Are these paint tables portable and can I take them to different job sites?

Yes, our paint tables are designed to be compact and portable, allowing you to take your workstation wherever you want.

How should I clean my portable paint station?

Cleaning your paint station is quite simple. You can use a soft, dry cloth to remove dust and loose particles. For paint stains, we recommend using a cloth lightly dampened with warm water and mild soap. Do not use turpentine and other chemicals as, for example, the white color of the wood paint table may fade or corrode.

Are these painting tables resistant to paint and brush cleaning products?

Our painting tables are made of strong, durable materials that can withstand contact with paint and brush cleaners. However, we recommend cleaning up any spills immediately to avoid potential stains and ensure the longevity of the product. Do not use turpentine and other chemicals as, for example, the white color of the wood paint table may fade or corrode.

Can I place paint cans of different sizes on the paint stations?

Our paint stations are compatible with a wide variety of paint cans of different sizes. However, some paint tables include 25 mm drills, some include 33 mm drills, and some have no size limiter at all. For this reason, we recommend always checking the product specifications to make sure that the paint station fits your specific needs. 

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