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We design and manufacture scale models and workshop organizers to make you enjoy your hobby.

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In ProScale Hobbies, we love listening to what our clients have to say.

If you are a passionate about scale models and hobby accessories and you want the best service in the market, this is your place. Tell us what you need and we will work hard to solve it.

  • 5
    I got a huge control tower with crosswalk to decorate my Carrera track and I love it. Shipping to Germany was fast and safe and Chris helped me to solve some doubts I had before painting the model kit.
    The best scale models I have assembled
    Herman Fischer
  • 5
    Pedí unas gradas dobles y la verdad que el montaje es alucinante. Es un poco laborioso porque tiene algunos escalones muy pequeños pero el nivel de detalle es ideal. La utilizo en mi circuito Ninco y como me ha gustado tanto he pedido una torre hexagonal y un edificio de control. Estoy encantado.
    Edificios a escala con muy buenos detalles
    Alberto Martínez
  • 5
    J'ai construit mon propre organiseur de bureau en utilisant certains des modèles du système modulaire. Tout fonctionnait bien et maintenant j'apprécie beaucoup plus tout le temps que je passe à peindre mes miniatures. 100% recommandé.
    Les modules d’organisation sont un outil indispensable!
    Aaron Boissieu

ProScale Hobbies designs and manufactures scale models and hobby accessories.

Scale models to decorate your slot car track, warhammer scenarios, model train...

We are your online toy store, scale models, hobbies and modeling accessories. We design and manufacture all kinds of articles and scale toys. Our team has experience in various sectors of static modeling, radio control, slot racing, tabletop or wargames and accessories for modelers, among others.

Are you a passionate about scale buildings and model kits? This is your place!

We make static scale models, scale building kits and accessories for modellers. Everything you need to enjoy your hobby or hobbies to the fullest! In ProScale Hobbies, our passion is to make people enjoy our high quality design at a very good and fair price. We are direct manufacturers with our own facilities, so you will have all the advantages of placing your orders directly with the specialists that make up our equipment design, manufacture and distribution.

Advantages of buying ProScale Hobbies items

- We have a team of professionals specialized in the design, manufacture and distribution of models, toys, scale models and accessories for modelers.
- We have extensive experience in the different sectors of modeling and manufacturing of scale products.
- Buying ProScale Hobbies items you will be purchasing products of the highest quality design and materials.
- We have a wide variety of possibilities for professionals, shops, businesses, event organizers, companies and individuals.