Who we are and how we started

Hello! This is Chris, the ProScale Hobbies founder and it’s a pleasure to have you reading this! ProScale Hobbies is nowadays an online hobby store that design, manufactures and sells all kind of model kits and hobby accessories.

As you can imagine, I have always been a passionate about scale modelling and crafts. After many years designing and creating my own stuff, I decided to show them to some friends and people I knew thanks to this fantastic world of hobbies. I got such a great feedback that I felt I needed to show it to the world and that’s how I created ProScale Racing.

Creating a wide range of products was my first goal. I made some prototypes, pictures and a very simple website. Some time ago, I received the first order, I could not believe it, trust me! That year, I sold many model kits to people from Spain, Germany, Italy, France and UK and that was incredible.

ProScale Hobbies is a product design brand focused on giving modelling enthusiasts the best scale models and hobby accesories.

Chris, Founder

Nowadays and after many years of improvement and growth, we have become a reference company in our area. We have clients and dealers all around the world and we still work to have a better catalogue and a healthy relationship with our partners.

Being open to new proposals and developments is one of the characteristics that defines us. Then, at ProScale Hobbies we will always be willing to listen to your proposals and ideas, whether you are an amateur, company, club or expert in your field. For any question or proposal, do not hesitate to contact us through the contact form or by writing directly to our email.

Tell us a cool fact about us!

Hey! If you wanted to know something about us and you feel like telling us your passion about modelling, we always read your emails!

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