Paint rack and model paint holders

A wide range of model paint stand and paint station for model makers

We manufacture the best paint rack storage modules compatible with Vallejo, Citadel, Army Painter paints and brushes and many more. Depending on the model paint that you use the most, the place where you are going to store it or the use that you are going to give it, at ProScale Hobbies you will find the perfect solution for you.

“Until now, I had my paintings in cardboard boxes or spread out on the shelves. Since I discovered ProScale Hobbies paint supports, my workspace has a completely different look, I love them.”

Alejandro Cortés, Ciudad Real

“I love painting Warhammer figures when I get off work, it’s my time to relax. I mostly use Citadel paints so I bought the painting table and found it very practical.”

Javier Ibáñez, Toledo

ProScale Hobbies designs and manufactures the best model paint racks

ProScale Hobbies is a company located in Spain that started its activity in 2017 by creating unique and original scale models. We are a small team that design and manufactures all the items that we sell so we improve our designs in an agile way. Thanks to this, in our catalog you will find the best model paint holders at the best prices.

We manufacture the best Vallejo paint rack modules

In order to allow our clients to choose the perfect Vallejo paint stand, we have created different acrylic paint holders. If you need a Vallejo paint station or a wall mounted paint rack, we do have it here! After many years selling our paint storage kits, we have improved every single detail of this essential model making tools. Our Vallejo paint holders are compatible with 26 and 36 mm diameter bottles. Usually, 17 ml and 35 ml bottles in case of Vallejo acrylic paints.

Buy the best Citadel paint rack and paint holder series

At ProScale Hobbies, we’ve also thought about miniature painting and Warhammer fans using Citadel paints. Our Citadel paint holders are already one of our customers’ favorite accessories. In addition, these displays are ideal for all audiences due to their versatility and ease of assembly. Do you want to eliminate clutter on your modeling workbench? Choose the Citadel paint stand that you like the most 🙂

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