Subbuteo stadium and compatible grandstands

Buy here the best models to build your own Subbuteo stadium

The Subbuteo stadium collection emerged in 2020 after several conversations with Subbuteo game players. After several tests and models, we managed to get beautiful, easy-to-assemble and inexpensive scale buildings. Today they are a success! Every day more and more Subbuteo fans venture to paint our stands with the colors of their favorite teams.

Discover our selection of grandstand models compatible with Subbuteo and Zeugo among others. Combine our different scale models to build your own Subbuteo stadium and enjoy this fantastic board game at its best.

“My children and I play every weekend at a Subbuteo club in the area. We asked for a stadium for the club and we painted it together. The result is spectacular, everyone asks how it is done and stares at it.”

Úrsula Valle, Barcelona

“I have played Subbuteo for years and had never assembled a model or stadium. When I met this Spanish brand I couldn’t help trying with the basic stand. I was so delighted that I bought two more when I finished assembling them.”

Alejandro Soler, Valencia

How to assemble and paint the stadium models for Subbuteo or Zeugo

We make our Subbuteo and Zeugo compatible stadium grandstands from pressed wood fibers. MDF is a strong and easy to handle material. When it comes to assembling and painting the kit, you can choose what you prefer to do first.

  • In our case we always do a pre-assembly of the model, without using any type of adhesive. This will help you to check that everything is correct.
  • After pre-assembly, we paint the parts with acrylic paint or water-based paint. DM is a material that absorbs paint very well, so you may need to apply two coats of the same color.
  • Once the paint is dry, we will assemble the kit, this time we will apply white wood glue to the joints.
  • After approximately two hours of drying, our model will be ready to place around your field.

Original accessories to make the most of your football matches

If table football is one of your favorite games, then we are sure that on some occasion you have thought about taking your hobby to the next level. At ProScale Hobbies we offer you various types of bleachers and stadiums designed and manufactured in Spain with which you can transform your Subbuteo mat into a striking and spectacular stadium.

ProScale Hobbies makes the best scale stadium models

ProScale Hobbies is a company specialized in models and accessories for modeling. We began began designing and manufacturing slot models in 2017. Since then, we have worked hard to achieve increasingly beautiful and easy-to-assemble designs. Today, our accessories for modeling have crossed many borders and entered the homes of great fans of this wonderful hobby. Besides, every day more and more Subbuteo fields and stadiums are decorated with our scale buildings, compatible ceilings or advertising posters. Therefore, if you are a Subbuteo fan and want to take your hobby to the next level, this is your place!

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