Tier pit box wooden model kit


The Tier pit box is a scale building designed to complement the line of pit boxes with covered steps located on its terrace. It also has a workshop area, access stairs and decorative panels to customize to taste. Combine the ProScale Hobbies articles with your hobby accessories inclunding, if your are a slot car racer, brands like Ninco, Scalextric or Carrera track. You will love it!


With a covered terrace and several rows of stands, the Tier pit box is an ideal scale building for your scenery decoration. This scale building has 90-degree access stairs and side stairs to access the different levels of seats. Customize your front panel and decorate it to your liking to get a reference building in your line of boxes. In addition, you can form a personalized pit box line by combining the different items in our scale models and wooden kits catalogue.

Weight0.3 kg
Dimensions30 × 30 × 10 cm