Paint modules – 2

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These modules for paints and bottles are the star of the ProScale Workshop Modular System. Its large number of holes will allow us to keep all our bottles organized by colors, sizes, or as we like. These accessories are designed to be placed on the rest of our rectangular modules.

The paint modules and bottle stands are one of the most popular furniture in the ProScale Workshop catalog. This fantastic accessory of our Modular System will allow us to keep all our paint cans and bottles organized by sizes or colors. They can be placed separately although the ideal is to make the most of the space and present them on any of the rectangular modules of drawers, showcases or others.

The modules for paintings are almost almost the most popular of the Modular System. If many modelers have already bought theirs, what are you waiting for? It is a guaranteed purchase!

Weight0.8 kg
Dimensions15 × 30 × 16.7 cm