Classic tier pit box model


The Classic tier pit box will allow us to add a very cool spectators stand to our Classic pit box lane. You can use this scale model or wooden kit to set up a VIP area or simply to extend your pit box lane functionality.


We all want a cool and fully equipped pit box lane in our scenery decoration right? This item cannot be missing if you are planning on building your own pit box lane. At the ground level, you will get two separated rooms that can be used by the scale toys or scale figures. Then, the stairs in the back will allow your scale figures to get to the first floor. A small grandstand is there to allow you to create a VIP area or just allow the spectators to enjoy a perfect view in your scenario. Build a better Carrera, Ninco or Scalextric circuit with these fantastic items, you cannot miss it!

Weight0.3 kg
Dimensions30 × 30 × 10 cm