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Discover at PROSCALE the perfect brush holder for you. Our brush organizers, designed specifically for modeling brushes, will transform your miniature painting experience. Keeping your work area tidy and your brushes within easy reach has never been easier. Our uniquely designed and handcrafted organizers are specially adapted for any type of brushes.


Fans’ opinions about our brush holders.


“Since I started using ProScale Hobbies brush holders for my modeling brushes, my satisfaction has only increased. The brush holder modules fit perfectly, are easy to assemble, and their compatibility with any type of brush is absolute. I am amazed at how organized my workspace is now and how quickly I can locate the brush I need.” – Luis G.


“I have tried several brush organizers, but none quite fit my needs. So, searching on Amazon, I discovered the ProScale Hobbies holders. They were the first to pop up in the search and now I understand why. They fit my brushes perfectly and have greatly improved my painting process, making it more efficient and enjoyable. The brush holders are easy to use and I greatly appreciate the space they save me on my workbench.” – Paul M.

Types of brush holders or brush holders

Tidiness and organization are essential aspects of any modeling, painting or miniature activity. Brush holders are indispensable tools for maintaining order, increasing efficiency and optimizing work space. But did you know that there are different types of brush holders? They vary according to their design and the needs they meet. Here are the two main types: specific brush holders and mixed brush holders.

Specific modeling brush holders

Dedicated brush holders focus on a single function: storing and organizing your modeling brushes, professional miniature brushes or warhammer brushes. These are designed in such a way that each brush has its own space, allowing you to keep your brushes of different sizes and shapes neatly arranged and within easy reach. These holders feature dedicated slots, holes or spaces for each brush so you can easily identify and access them. Warhammer specific miniature brush holders are ideal if you have a wide variety of thick brushes and thin acrylic paint brushes and need to keep them organized and protected to prolong their lifespan.

Mixed Acrylic Paint Brush Holders

Mixed brush holders go one step further. Not only do they organize and protect your brushes, but they also include space to store and organize your paints. These all-in-one design stands are the perfect solution for modelers who want to keep all their painting supplies in one place. They offer separate compartments for brushes and paints, so you can have a clear and complete overview of all your painting materials. These racks can be particularly useful if you work with an extensive range of colors and want to avoid the clutter that can be caused by having paint pots scattered all over your workspace.

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Do you have a store and are looking for unique products? At PROSCALE we are creators and manufacturers of top quality brush stands. Our versatile and sturdy organizers are designed to accommodate a wide range of acrylic brush sets, perfect for modeling and Warhammer enthusiasts. If you are interested in enriching your catalog with products that will capture the attention of modeling enthusiasts, we offer competitive conditions for wholesale orders. Write to us at info@proscalehobbies.com and find out how we can collaborate – we look forward to working with you!

Advantages of using our brush holders

For acrylic painting, miniatures and Warhammer enthusiasts, keeping your acrylic brushes and miniature brushes tidy can be a determining factor in your creative process. Having access to the right large brush or professional watercolor brush at the right time can make all the difference in your project. A tidy working environment encourages creativity and efficiency, which is why at ProScale Hobbies, we offer a range of brush stands designed to optimize your workspace, protect your precious brushes and enhance your passion for modeling and Warhammer. Here are some key benefits of using our brush holders as part of your brush set:

  1. Quick access and organization of your brushes: our brush holders, whether acrylic paint brushes, professional watercolor brushes or miniature brushes, keep all your tools in one place, making it easy to find the perfect brush.
  2. Brush protection and damage prevention: The brush holders are designed to keep your brushes in an upright position, preventing deformation of the bristles of your modeling brushes and Warhammer brushes.
  3. Optimization of work space: Our acrylic paint and warhammer paint set brush holders allow your painting tools to take up less space, providing you with a larger and clearer work area.
  4. Safety for your brushes: With the holders, your acrylic and other model brushes are protected from dust and dirt, ensuring their optimal performance in your painting sessions.
  5. Simplified maintenance of your brushes: Having all your brushes, including your brush set and miniature brushes, organized in our holders allows you to easily visualize your range of tools, making it easier to maintain them.
  6. Expanding your brush collection: Our modeling paint brush holders are modular, which means you can add more as your collection of modeling brushes and Warhammer brushes grows.
  7. Efficient inventory management: Having your professional watercolor brushes organized and visible allows you to control your stock and know when it’s time to replenish your most used brushes.
  8. Style and professionalism in your workspace: A brush stand not only helps keep your workspace tidy, but also adds a touch of professionalism to your modeling and Warhammer studio.

Compatibility of our brush stands with different brands

In the fascinating world of modeling and miniature painting, working with the right tools is essential. Knowing the characteristics and peculiarities of each brush can help you get the results you want. However, it is also crucial to keep these tools in perfect condition and easily accessible to optimize your work process. At PROSCALE, we offer brush holders precisely designed to fit a wide variety of brush brands and types. Here is a detailed analysis of the compatibility of our brush holders with the brushes of some of the most prestigious brands in the world of modeling and miniature painting: Vallejo, Army Painter and Citadel.

Vallejo brush holder

Vallejo is a brand that has gained worldwide recognition thanks to the excellent quality and durability of its brushes. With a wide range that satisfies different painting needs and techniques, Vallejo brushes are a popular choice among modelers and miniature painters. Whether you prefer to work with synthetic fiber brushes such as Toray Brushes, or seek the exquisiteness of Marta Kolinsky or Red Sable hair, each of these brushes fits perfectly in our holders, providing you with quick access and efficient organization.

  1. Toray Brushes: Made of durable synthetic fiber, these brushes are ideal for painting large surfaces and for wash techniques. They fit well on our supports.
  2. Marta Kolinsky brushes: These are high quality brushes made of Marta Kolinsky hair, perfect for fine details and wet painting techniques. They fit seamlessly into our brush holders.
  3. Red Saber Brushes: Made of red saber hair, these brushes are ideal for dry painting techniques and fine details. They fit perfectly into our brush holders.

Army Painter Brush Organizer

Specializing in designing tools for miniature enthusiasts, Army Painter has created a range of brushes that stand out for their quality and functionality. The Wargamer Brushes, with their triangular handle, offer an exceptional grip, allowing you to work with precision and control. Hobby Brushes are versatile and suitable for all types of painting, while Drybrush Brushes have been designed specifically for mastering the dry brush technique. All these brushes fit perfectly in our holders, ensuring optimal organization and easy accessibility.

  1. Wargamer Brushes: These high quality brushes have a triangular handle for better grip and control. They fit perfectly into our brush holders.
  2. Hobby Brushes: These standard quality brushes are ideal for any type of painting and fit well in our brush holders.
  3. Drybrush Brushes: Designed specifically for the dry brush technique, these brushes also fit well in our brush holders.

Citadel Brush Organizer Holder

Citadel, a brand known for its high quality and reliability, has launched a range of synthetic brushes known as the STC range. This range includes brushes of different sizes and purposes, from the Small Layer Brush, designed for fine details, to the Large Base Brush, ideal for covering large areas. Each of these brushes fits effortlessly into our brush holders, ensuring that your workspace remains clean, organized and professional.

Integrate various PROSCALE brush holders

As you specialize in modeling and miniature painting, you will likely find the need to expand your brush collection. With each new brush you acquire, the importance of having an organized workspace increases. At PROSCALE, we offer a range of brush holders that can be easily integrated into your workspace. Whether you prefer acrylic paint brushes, miniature brushes, or modeling brushes, our brush stands can hold them all in a tidy and accessible way. Plus, our holders are modular, so you can add more as your brush collection grows.

Divide your brushes into different PROSCALE brush organizers.

A good brush organization system can make all the difference in your efficiency and enjoyment of modeling. PROSCALE brush organizers allow you to divide your brushes into different categories according to your needs. You could divide your brushes by size, bristle type, brand, or even by the type of paint you use them with. This way, you’ll always have the perfect brush for each project at hand, making your painting process easier and faster.

Combine your brush holder with other PROSCALE products

To have a fully functional workspace adapted to your needs, we recommend combining your brush stand with other PROSCALE products.

  1. Modeling paint organizers: Visit our modeling paint organizers section to expand your workspace with some of our modular accessories. You can find paint organizers that attach to your desk or mount on your wall, creating a tidy and efficient space.
  2. Miniature painting tables: In addition, we invite you to explore our miniature painting stations. These portable accessories will allow you to take your workshop with you wherever you go, giving you an organized and convenient painting space anywhere. These painting tables are ideal for painting miniatures or models, no matter where you are.

How to assemble wooden brush stands

Nothing boosts creativity in the modeling and Warhammer world more than a clean and organized workspace. At ProScale Hobbies, we understand that the layout of your workspace is an essential part of your modeling experience, which is why we have designed our acrylic paint brush holders. Mounting these mini brush and miniature brush holders is a simple process, which will not only provide you with a tidier workspace, but will also give you a sense of accomplishment. Are you ready to take that step and transform your painting space? Here are the steps to assemble your brush stands:

  1. Preparing the materials: start by gathering all the necessary elements for assembling your brush stand. Our kits, made from high-quality laser-cut MDF, include all the parts needed for assembly, as well as a detailed instruction manual. Remember that you will also need carpenter’s glue for a safe and durable assembly.
  2. Assembling the stand: Next, follow the instructions included in the kit to assemble your brush stand. Don’t worry, our designs do not require special tools for assembly. Some models may have a snap-on assembly system, while others may use guides or slides. We recommend the use of carpenter’s glue or wood glue on all joints to ensure the durability of the stand.
  3. Using your new premium stand: Once your stand is assembled, allow time for the glue to dry properly before placing weight on it. When ready, enjoy organizing your brushes in it, grouping them by type or size as you prefer.
  4. Brush stand care: To keep your brush stand in perfect condition, it is advisable to clean it periodically to avoid the accumulation of paint residue. A soft, damp cloth is ideal for cleaning the compartments. Also, be sure to store it in a dry, dust-free place to keep it protected.

Frequently asked questions about PROSCALE brush holders

Can I use the brush holder to store thin acrylic paint brushes, a set of brushes, and even modeling materials?

Yes, our brush holder has been specifically designed to hold a wide range of modeling brushes, including fine acrylic paint brushes and the brush set. In addition, you can also store other modeling materials such as acrylic paint sets and brushes, and various modeling tools, as long as their dimensions are compatible.

Can I store model paints in the brush holder?

While our brush holder is designed for brushes, including modeling brushes and a precision brush, you can use it to store modeling materials such as small sets of acrylic paints and brushes if their dimensions are compatible. However, for optimal paint storage, we recommend you consider our specific paint racks.

What kind of brushes can I store in the brush holder?

Our brush holder is designed to store a wide variety of brushes, from professional artist brushes to modeling brushes, acrylic brush sets and fine acrylic paint brushes. Whether you are using a miniature brush or an acrylic paint brush, this brush holder can suit your needs.

Is the brush stand suitable for a set of acrylic brushes?

Definitely. Our brush stand is ideal for storing a set of acrylic brushes, allowing you to keep them organized and within reach. This holder is also suitable for precision brushes, fine acrylic paint brushes and modeling brushes.

Is the brush stand suitable for miniature painting?

Yes, our brush holder is perfect for storing brushes used in miniature painting, including fine acrylic paint brushes and modeling brushes.

Can I store a set of acrylic brushes in the brush holder?

Absolutely. Our brush stand can perfectly accommodate a set of acrylic brushes in addition to modeling brushes and other modeling supplies. Be sure to check the dimensions of your brushes for a perfect fit.

Can the brush holder accommodate professional brushes?

Our brush holder is designed to be versatile and accommodates both professional and modeling brushes. The ability to accommodate professional brushes makes our holder a popular choice among artists and modelers.

Is the brush holder useful for miniature brush and precision brush?

Yes, our holder is versatile enough to accommodate both miniature brush and precision brush, providing a safe and tidy space for your painting tools.